What Booking Agents & Entertainment Directors Aren't Telling You.
You'll be surprised how easy it is to get hired once you know the inside secrets.
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You're Gonna Learn...
why highlight reels & promo videos don't work
Don't be tricked into thinking that an expensive promo video will get you that coveted gig. Experienced Entertainment Directors are looking for something else.
THE one thing that will get you booked time & time again
There is one quality that trumps almost everything when Booking Agents make hiring decisions. The thing you need to ask yourself you have that quality?
THE question all booking agents ask before hiring
Be ready to answer the pivotal question that all Booking Agents and Entertainment Directors ask themselves before booking an entertainer.
" The tips and techniques in this special report are spot on. As I read it, I realized how much sense these ideas made, & yet they are often overlooked, or never even considered. Jason knows what he's talking about. "
-Ben Young, Las Vegas Magician, as seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us